About the Company
The company ALTERATIONES Danza-Teatro was founded in late 2007 in Mexico City where Antonio Quiles, choreographer and scenic director, has lived since 2005 till June 2011. 

ALTERACIONES Danza-Teatro aims to bring together and use different languages and disciplines in a natural and organic way. The creative  interests of the company are varied and eclectic. The Company´s work is focused on searching and investigating of contemporary dramaturgies, the connexion with the audience and the use of a personal and honest “stage presence”. The topics relate to the performing art itself and the experiences and personal backgrounds of the group’s components. These aspects are also developed by Antonio in his courses courses and workshops at festivals and public and private institutions and spaces. 

Within (as well as previously) ALTERACIONES Danza-Teatro Co. Antonio Quiles has presented and danced his own work as well as other projects in theatres, spaces and festivals of Spain, England, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Cuba, Colombia and Mexico.


Antonio Quiles Villanueva (9- 9- 74, Tarifa - España- )
Antonio Quiles is Performer, Dance maker and Docent.  

He has a degree in Fine Arts, specialised in Contemporary Art at Faculty of Cuenca, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, 1998. Also realised the CAP (Pedadogical Adaptation Course) and lately a virtual course "Specialization in Art Education, Culture and Citizenship" by OEI (Iberoamerican States Organization) and Valladolid University.

Dance. He studied Contemporary Dance, focus on Choreography in Dansacademie, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Arnhem (The Netherlands) (2002-2005) and at the Andalusian Dance Centre (1998 - 2001). He also specialized in Integrated Dance (Contemporary Dance which works with physical and/or psychological disabled dancers) with Adam Benjamin. Theatre. He studied Theatre (Interpretation and direction) at the Theateracademie - Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (The Netherlands) (2001 - 2002) and at the Andalusian Theatre Centre Sevilla (1992-94). 

We can considere "Bitter Orange Marmalade" (within a Marisa Lafuente) in 1998 as the first piece and since then has created more than 16 medium size and full format pieces as well as Live Art pieces (Happenings) which has been showed at various festivals and scenic spaces of 16 countries in and out Europe

As a Docent, he believes in art as a form of cohesion and social transformation, he has taught courses and workshops for diverse art scenes and social groups as: ENAP (National School of Fine Arts) UNAM University, Mexico DF. Autonomous University of Mexico City (UACM), Purdue University (Lafayette, USA), in prisons and jails of Mexico City, “Arte en V” Space (Mexico DF), Endanza Space (Sevilla), Creative Circle (Cádiz), Centro de las Artes, San Luis Potosi, Mx. TEMPESDANZA Space (Xalapa, Mx), Cuerpo Mínimo Co. (León, Mx), "International Dance Festival Lila Lopez," Summers Creative of "Wings and Roots" at the Faro de Oriente Ministry of Culture, Government of Mexico City, Danza Mobile Co. (Sevilla, Spain), “Qrétaro Festival”, “International Festival of Dance Cali“ (Colombia), Asociación Inma Parra (Jerez), among others.
As a Dancer he has worked with companies such as: i-dance co. (Netherlands), ArtisTerror (Germany), Influxtanz Co. and BewegGrund  Co. (Switzerland), Alicia Sánchez (Mexico City), Pilar Gallegos Co. (Mexico/Italy) or SHIFTS- art in movement- Co. (Germany/France) as well as other independent projects.

Grants. He has received several grants of "Expansion and Improvement of Scenic Studios for professionals of Culture" from the Junta de Andalucía and the Ministry of Culture Madrid. Also "Contemporary artistic creation Grant" (Fine Arts) by Junta de Andalucía, within Maria Parejo. Socrates Scholarship by Castilla-La Mancha University to study at Nottingham Trent University (England) 97-98.  IBERESCENA Grant (Sp-Mx within Carmen Correa). Awards. 2nd Prize contest Pepe  Espaliú Córdoba, Sp. 2001. 1st Prize at Choreography Competition "Chess Festival in Mexico City" Mexico DF, 06. 1st Prize at Art Competition, specialization choreography organising by IAJ, Sevilla, Sp. 2009. Participation in the video of Anamaria Anderloni + Angel Tirado “TOTEM” 1St Prize at the Ciudad Real Film Festival.  

Publications. Article published in the Dance´s journal DCO (No. 12) Oct. 2009, Mexico City. Magazine article EMEEQUIS (No. 122) June 08, Mexico City. Papers published in the III and IV FORUM of Dance in Latin America organising by the CIAD (Inter-American Confederation of professional Dance), 20010 -11, San Luis Potosi and Merida (Mexico).  He also dictates conferences, talks and seminars about Social and Inclusive dance at universities, theatre faculties and public institutions.
As a visual artist, he has participated in several, both collective and individual, Visual exhibitions.